Footplates for Leversystem LS (1 1-2" x 3" Set of 3)


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The Foot Plates provide additional stability during workout. The Foot Plates unique design also allow users to secure and anchor the systems to the floor to further enhance stability for heavy lifting. Please call 562-285-5499 to order if you have any questions about compatibility


Foot plate accessory for Powertec Workbench Levergym

Designed for the Powertec Levergym (also fits Olympic Workbench)

Foot Plates provide added stability.

The foot plates unique design allows users to secure and anchor the systems to the floor.

Dimension:  1 1/2" x 3"

Compatible with: All Powertec Levergym

Sold in Qty of : set of 3 ( This set is matte black, to match all Levergyms from 2020 onwards. If looking for black gloss for Levergyms before 2020, please click here).


Accessories Available: No

Isolateral Function: No