Anniversary Bumper Plates 375 lbs. Set w/ Olympic Bar


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Bumper Plate 330LBS Set These heavy-duty plates were designed and manufactured with the highest quality standards in mind, offering superior durability and all-around performance for all lifting styles. This 7-foot bar is one of the most popular international bars on the market. Precision-engineered for balance and long-lasting performance. Designed with medium-depth diamond knurled surface and sleeves that swivel on extremely smooth bearing.

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Dimension: 86 inches long (7’) Olympic Bar

Weight: 45 pounds

 10 Multi-colored polyurethane bumper weight plates

(total weight of 330lbs).

2 x 5kg (11lb)
2 x 10kg (22lb)
2 x 15kg (33lb)
2 x 20kg (44lb)
2 x 25kg (55lb)

Accessories Available: No

Isolateral Function: No

Product Weight: 375.0 lbs.