Image of an athlete using an Adjustable Bench Multipress machine during a workout.

The Ultimate Workout Companion: 10 Benefits of a Fully Adjustable Bench Multipress Machine

Dumbbells just not cutting it? Barbells and plates too bulky?

Meet your new workout wingman - the fully adjustable Workbench® Multipress machine. This transformable titan streamlines strength training by morphing into whatever you need, whenever you need it.

Keep reading as we flex 10 benefits of this ultimate workout companion.

Meet the Multipress: Your Ultimate Workout Companion

Image showcasing the features of the Multipress machine.

The Multipress from Powertec is truly the ultimate workout companion for your home gym. This innovative bench press machine provides all-in-one functionality to target different muscle groups and maximize your strength training. Adjustable to 9 horizontal seat positions and 7 incline backpad positions, the Multipress seamlessly transforms from a flat bench to an incline press, to a shoulder press, and to a decline press. This versatility allows you to perform a wide range of upper body exercises using one compact machine. In addition, the lever arms can be used like a barbell, where they are fixed (moving in unison, or isolateral), where each arm moves independently, similar to a dumbbell motion.

Top 10 Benefits of the Multipress Machine

The Multipress is an excellent chest and shoulder press machine that can be easily modified and expanded to achieve a full-body workout from home.

Here are only 10 of the many insane benefits of owning a Powertec Multipress machine:

1. Flat Chest Press Machine: Build a Stronger Chest

Image of an athlete targeting different muscle groups using the incline machine press feature.

Everyone knows that flat bench workouts are the foundation of any good chest day.

That's one reason why so many people are choosing the Multipress machine for their homes, rather than going to the gym. The adjustable flat press position allows you to safely lower the bar to your chest and press upwards, targeting your pectoral muscles. You can change your hand position at the starting position for variation.

2. Incline Chest Press: Target Different Muscle Groups

By adjusting the backrest of the bench, you can perform the incline bench press variation at different angles to target different areas of the upper chest and shoulders. The isolateral lever arms allow each arm to work independently similar to a dumbbell incline press, but with added stability and smoothness of motion!

3. The Trifecta: Lower Chest Gains

Image of a person using the chest press machine feature to build a stronger chest.

Chest day isn't complete without a lower chest workout. Good thing that a lower chest angle option is included within the 7 incline levels of the Multipress. By adjusting the bench to a decline position, you can specifically target your lower pectoral muscles. Adding decline bench presses to your routine will build fuller, rounded pecs.

4. Shoulder Press: Strengthen Your Shoulders Safely

Train your shoulders safely to failure with complete back support. The lever arms allow a natural range of motion with less stress on the shoulder joints and back support is always a plus with overhead movements.

5. Safety: Train to Exhaustion Without a Spotter

Image illustrating the safety features of the Multipress machine that allow for training without a spotter.

The Multipress eliminates the need for a spotter, allowing you to train without limitations. Traditionally, training until failure on compound exercises can only be safely performed with a spotter present. However, the lever arms feature built-in safety stops, so you can press to fatigue without worrying about getting stuck at the bottom.

Safely perform forced reps and negatives solo to fully exhaust your muscles and stimulate maximum muscle hypertrophy.

6. Smoothness of Motion: Experience the Feel of Free-Weights

The lever arms create an incredibly smooth pressing motion. This allows you to experience the natural feel and range of motion similar to free-weight exercises such as barbell shoulder or bench presses. The machine adapts to your body's natural movement for comfort.

7. Fully Adjustable Bench: Versatility for a Range of Workouts

Image showing a man performing back exercises on the Multipress from Powertec.

With 9 horizontal seat positions and 7 incline options, the adjustable bench can be customized for a huge variety of pressing exercises. Perform chest presses, shoulder presses, rows, and more. The versatility makes the Multipress perfect for full-body routines.

The included close grip bar allows for a multitude of additional pressing and rowing exercises to dramatically increase the versatility of this compact Multipress. A close grip can be useful for achieving a balanced physique and improved strength.

8. Incorporating Legs: The Leg Lift Attachment

The optional leg lift attachment provides focused training for your quadriceps and hamstrings. This popular accessory allows for a full range of controlled motion, thanks to its precise biomechanics, allowing for exceptional leg development.

9. Combining Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps: The Dip Attachment

Image showing the dip attachment for the Workbench Multipress.

The dip attachment pairs with the Multipress bench to enable smooth, controlled simulated dip motions. The lever arm and handle provide stability and support, allowing you to target your chest, shoulders, and triceps. This accessory expands your workout options, letting you incorporate simulated dips safely and effectively for upper-body strength.

10. Powertec Quality: Durable Construction for Heavy Use

The Powertec Multipress frame is made for unparalleled stability and durability, as the commercial-grade design and materials can withstand years of hardcore training.

The high-quality components provide a smooth pressing motion, even under heavy loads.


Someone using the Multipress machine for the upper portion of the body.

With its fully adjustable bench, expansive weight capacity, and durable construction, the Powertec Multipress machine is the ultimate workout companion. This versatile machine allows you to perform a wide range of upper-body exercises safely and effectively. Experience the smooth feel of free weights combined with the safety and stability of a machine.

Upgrade your home gym today with the Multipress for the ultimate strength training experience.

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Multipress Machine FAQs

What is a leverage incline machine press?

A leverage incline machine press is a machine that targets the clavicular head of the pectoralis major. It presses weight upward in a fixed path, on an adjustable bench at an incline, providing back support and body stabilization. This enables the safe lifting of heavier weights through a full range of motion.

How does a chest press machine work?

A chest press machine provides resistance during pressing motions. The adjustable seat and backrest can be customized to target chest muscles effectively. The machine's movement using the lever arms engages the pectoral muscles, front deltoids, and triceps. It provides torso and shoulder support, isolating chest muscles and guiding the motion for proper form, reducing injury risk.

What is the best incline bench press angle?

The best incline bench press angle is between 30 to 45°, effectively targeting upper chest muscles while minimizing shoulder stress. Lower angles (a flat bench press) don't sufficiently isolate the upper pecs. Angles above 45° stress the front deltoids more than the chest. A 30-35° angle is often recommended for optimal clavicular pec activation. Adjustable benches allow personal customization within the 30-45° range for chest muscle building.

How to use a shoulder press machine?

Proper form on a shoulder press machine involves adjusting the seat height to align shoulders with the handles, maintaining a flat back against the pad, and gripping the handles slightly wider than shoulder width. Exhale while pressing up without locking out elbows and inhale while lowering the handles until upper arms are parallel to the floor. Start with a lighter weight to master the movement before increasing resistance.

Where to find a Multipress machine for my home gym?

The Powertec Workbench Multipress is a high-quality, fully adjustable bench multipress machine ideal for a home gym. It combines various exercises into one piece of equipment, featuring an adjustable bench with 9 horizontal and 9 vertical positions for total body strength building. Order directly from the Powertec website for free shipping (within the U.S.).

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