Price Change Notification

Dear Shopper,

Since the beginning of COVID, the costs for manufacturing our equipment at the same level of quality while adhering to our product standards has led to increases in our costs. We would never compromise on quality and have been able to absorb much of the costs up to this point. However, due to global material and production cost increases related to inflation, we have no longer been able to absorb the full cost. We are minimizing the impact it will have on our prices and our customers as much as we can, but please note as of January 14th the prices will be increasing on many of our pieces permanently.

We wanted to be transparent and allow you to have a final opportunity to benefit from current low prices and be aware in advance of the pending increases. Any purchase between now and the 13th of January will be locked in at the old prices. We value you as a customer and hope you continue to shop Powertec as your trusted home gym provider!


The Powertec Team