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The Powertec Workbench Multisystem is the market leader in multi-station leverage gyms. This compact, revolutionary design provides total body training for up to three users simultaneously. The MS can be accessorized with a wide variety of modular attachments to grow with your training needs. Ideal for home use, personal trainers and light commercial facilities. New and improved angled stainless-steel weight horns, extra adjustable press arms settings and improved padding material all elevate the Multisystem to new heights. For machine dimensions and weight capacity, see 'Additional Information' below.

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The Leverage Advantage: Weight plates are loaded directly onto the Isolateral Lever Arms providing for a natural feel and the resistance of free weights with the safety and control of a machine

Total Body Training for Multiple Users:

The Multisystem consists of three separate work stations for chest, core/back and leg training. Users can rotate through the stations for a total body workout routine.

Fully Adjustable Bench Design:

The Workbench's new design provides additional stability and allows users to adjust the seating area and Back Rest Pads at different settings with ease thanks to its unique Ball Bearing Driven Carriage. (The bench has 9 horizontal positions, and 9 vertical positions, including decline, flat, and 7 incline positions. See 'Workbench FID Utility Bench' for more information on positions and angles).

Expandable with Accessories:

The bench and Ab station includes the front tube adaptor that accepts Powertec Workbench Attachments.

True Weight Lifted on Leverarms:

The arms on the lever gym equate to 20 lbs. lifted. (10 lbs. each arm). The weight reduction due to the leverage is 20% of the total load plus the weight of the arms. For example - with 200 lbs. added to the Leverarms, you would minus 20% for the Leverarm weight distribution (160 lbs.) plus the weight of the arms (20lbs.). Therefore, 200 lbs. of weight would equate to a total 180 lbs. of perceived weight lifted.

Accessories Available: Yes

Isolateral Function: Yes

Starting Weight (Unloaded): Press station: 20 lbs., Lat Station: 0 lbs., Squat Station: 35 lbs. Ab Station: 15 lbs.

Max Weight Capacity: Press station: 500 lbs., Lat Station: 300 lbs., Squat Station: 500 lbs.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 120.1 x 73.3 x 80.5 (inches)

Product Weight: 445.0 lbs.

Total Shipping Weight: 445 lbs.

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I recommend this product

Best Investment Ever!

Extremely pleased with the workbench multi-system! If you are hesitant in buying one, don't won't regret it!

Kent M.
United States United States
I recommend this product

I Don't think I could have picked better equipment to buy

I am on day 10 of using my powertec equipment. The results are un-believable. I am a very Happy customer. I have showed a few of my friends. One has ordered the multisystem, and the 2 Nd is saving to buy his own now. I will be Ording more plate weights from you guys soon. Thanks for selling a good product.

A Powertec Customer
United States United States
I recommend this product

If you have the space its well worth it

The Pros 1) There are so many movements you can do that pound for pound it's one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can buy, especially when you buy the attachments 2) The movements feel consistent and lat pull hinges and the right spot for ideal resistance. 3) You will never outgrow the weight it can handle, unlike other home-specific pieces because of the plate-loaded design (lee priest used it for one of his show preps which says a lot). 4) Most attachments are solid investments as well (though I haven't used the leg press one since I have the hack squat) The Cons 1) I wish the steel frame was a slightly thicker gauge, If you are stronger and can move a fair amount of weight the hack squat can flex some laterally and you can feel it in the bench as well. It is close but doesn't quite feel commercial grade. 2) The ab crunch is just flat out not good because you're already in a seated position, I literally took mine off, it seems like an afterthought. Maybe it's my height (5'9") but that's pretty average. Also, I don't think the handle is the best designed. 3) There's some play in the attachments that again, make it feel more like a home unit and not heavy-duty or commercial which I think would really set it apart from other brands if it refined those things. 4) You need a good amount of space for it, you cant put it against a wall because of the lat pull's lever arm on the back where you load the weights. But again, it does so much it could theoretically replace other pieces and make up for the lost space. It would Ideally have to be a centerpiece of the gym. 5) the attachments can also take up a lot of space as well when they're not on the machine. Conclusion It does a lot of great things that other pieces don't, or you would need a lot more space for individual pieces that can. With the levergym, some adjustable dumbells, and a squat rack/barbell can do almost everything. I have never regretted buying mine and love using it, the cons are minor gripes that probably won't bother most people. As long as you have the space for it, its 100% worth buying if you're trying to build out your dream home gym.

Eric V.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Love it!!!

This was worth every penny!!!



I have been a weight lifter since I joined the USMC in 1980. I fell in love with lifting heavier and heavier over the years. When I was about 50 years old I started to struggle with lifting due to old back injuries and extremely bad arthritis in my joints. This machine has given me back the ability to work out the way I choose at age 59 with these limiting factors my body now has. I would highly recommend this and pretty much any powertec equipment. Everything I have purchased has been high quality.